Our Story

Founded in Seattle in 1991, Eco Chemical™ believes that only by blending our passion for innovation with an equal commitment to ethical practices can we distinguish ourselves as a reliable provider of quality products and trusted professional services.

Eco Chemical Our Story

Our Story

We produce innovative, made-to-order, waterborne paints, stains, and coatings. We are a leader in developing the latest technology in paint chemistry and the best thinking about environmental stewardship when working with coating products. We invest heavily in research and development and are always on the lookout for new developments in raw materials and methods that will improve existing products and help to develop new offerings.

Eco Chemical got its start as a wood stain supplier for pressure treated wood manufacturers. We developed the first waterborne wood stain for the industry that was compatible with common treatment chemistries and could stand up to harsh manufacturing conditions while delivering a durable and attractive finish. Today, we remain the leading supplier of water-based wood stains and other coatings products to the pressure treating industry and other wood products manufacturing firms in North America.

Mark Cheirrett founded Eco Chemical in 1991 in Seattle, Washington. Mark has spent over 40 years working in the water chemical industry and was inspired to create Eco Chemical after working with toxic chemicals for many years and experiencing their negative health effects first-hand. Our team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds that contribute to and strengthen the company, including chemists, engineers, and marketing professionals. in 2019, Eco Chemical was acquired by U-C Coatings to create a complete line of solutions in wood protection, beautification, and preservation. U-C Coatings is a leader in the manufacture of specialty end coatings, sealants, and sapstain / mold control chemicals for lumber, logs, and wood building materials.  The company has operations in Buffalo, Portland, and Seattle.