Our Commitment

Innovation. Dependability. Opportunity.

Partners and Teammates, Not Just Customers
Eco Chemical clients are more than just paying customers, they become our partners and teammates, working with us to find the best overall coating solution for their applications.

Hear from our clients what they have to say about Eco Chemical:

To us, being the best means more than just meeting your highest product performance expectations. It includes finding the most sustainable, environmentally benign ingredients and manufacturing practices to create a safe waterborne product. Packaging and delivery is also carefully planned to yield the least possible solid waste and pollution potential, while achieving the lowest possible transportation cost.

We strive to maintain our client relationships by staying engaged to keep the conversation going. We collaborate on continued improvements in all aspects of our supplier relationship. In addition to the inherent quality of our products, our brand has been built on our total investment in servicing our clients, before, during, and after the sale.