A Glass Recycling Challenge

Who: State of Washington and the Clean Washington Center.

What: Use recycled glass as filler in elastomeric roof coating systems.

How: Supported by funding from the State, Eco Chemical™ researched and developed an exterior coating system called Eco GlassCoat – 50% of the solid content was made with recycled glass. This environmentally-sound coating was waterborne, nonflammable in a liquid state, and cleaned up  easily with soap and water like any latex paint.

The first use of the product was on a building that enclosed an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Moisture was migrating through the split-block exterior wall and causing problems with the coating inside the building. Eco GlassCoat was an excellent choice for this application, because the glass filler helped to fill voids and cracks. Eco GlassCoat helped fulfill the county’s mandate to use recycled products whenever possible, while providing performance and longevity equal to other high-performance architectural coatings, all at a competitive cost.