True Blue

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True Blue Comparison

Look Sharp in Blue!

Eco Chemical True Blue is a cost-effective, high-performance colorant for marking borate treated wood products.

  • Designed for safe, easy handling.
  • Delivers consistent, dependable performance in the treating environment.
  • Blends efficiently and effectively with your borate treating chemistry.
  • Provides a high performance blue tint for finished products.


True Blue is an economical, highly concentrated colorant.

  • Can be used at a dilution rate of 600:1 or greater.
  • Provides a superior, uniform blue wood coloring.
  • Offers exceptional staying power, compared to typical blue dye colorants.


True Blue is the “Total Package”:

  • Easy to use
  • Consistent performance
  • High quality blue coloring
  • UV stable for longer shelf life
  • More blue per dollar


If you’re making borate-treated wood products, give us a call to find out more about True Blue.  Our job is to make your job easier, with higher standards of quality and greater economy.