Pressure Treated Products

Meeting the Challenge of the Wood Preserver, Delivering a High-Quality Product to the End User

Pressure treated wood

A Reliable Source
Why stain pressure treated products? Eco Chemical™ wood stains:

  1. Provide resistance to UV degradation
  2. Protect against the ravages of weather
  3. Help prevent unwanted surface dirt and grease stains
  4. Produce a more attractive and retail-ready finished product

For over 20 years, Eco Chemical has been a reliable source of customized wood stains for leading pressure treaters in the U.S. Whatever your application process, we’ll work with you.

  • Experienced formulators and problem solvers
  • Consistently high quality and color, on time, at competitive prices
  • 100% water-based products, including our Alkyd Hybrid
  • Low-VOC, California-compliant formulations
  • Reliable customer service and technical support with decades of experience
  • Volume packaging options to fit your scale of operations


Why use our waterborne stain?

  • It’s compatible with all leading pressure treatment chemistries
  • It’s easy to apply in high-speed production line applications
  • You can apply it pre- or post-treatment

Staining pressure treated lumber can lead to increased sales and profit margins for you and your retail accounts. Eco Chemical can help you get it done.


Working with Eco Chemical is Good Business Sense

  • Minimize risk by working with an experienced supplier
  • Increase your sales
  • Realize better profit margins
  • Build a significant competitive advantage
  • Become more valuable to your retail accounts

If you are already staining your pressure treated products, find out more about our superior stains by giving us a call! Ask about our continued innovation and research as we strive to make pressure treated wood staining even more efficient and profitable.