Fence Stain

Color that Lasts, and Finish that Endures the Elements

Eco Chemical Colorful Stain

If you aren’t offering your customers pre-stained fence boards, you may be missing out on a big sales and profit opportunity:

  1. Meet growing demand for pre-stained fence boards all over the U.S.
  2. Deliver high-quality, reliable finished product
  3. Obtain a manufacturing solution that’s low cost and low risk


Eco Chemical Fence Stain gives you what your customers are looking for.

  1. A high-quality, oil-based finish in a low-VOC,waterborne formula
  2. A variety of rich colors guaranteed for 4 years
  3. An attractive fence product at a reasonable cost
Eco Chemical Fence Stain

This breakthrough fence stain formula delivers the looks and the durability you need.

  • Excellent results on either pressure treated or raw wood products
  • A penetrating, filmless finish that won’t rub or scratch off
  • Easily applied, with exceptional coverage consistency
  • Non-volatile plant-based oils & waterborne formula ensure a safe workplace and easy water cleanup


Seize the opportunity with the remarkable new Fence Stain from Eco Chemical.

  • Increase fence product sales and profits
  • Be confident of long-term consumer satisfaction
  • Achieve an environmentally sound manufacturing solution with a lower cost


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