Factory Coatings

Achieve Top Quality Results in Your Factory Coating Operations

Eco Chemical Factory Coating Wood Stain

Not all paints and stains are up to the challenges of factory finishing processes, and not all machine-coating processes are alike. You need broad technical experience to come up with the correct coating solution.

  • Substrate characteristics can interfere with adhesion or uniform coloring.
  • Application work arrangements are not always ideal.
  • Weather and temperature can vary day to day and between locations.
  • The need can vary for resistance to wear in transit and general handling.


Meeting Industry Challenges for More Than 20 Years
As a leading supplier of coatings for major segments of the machine coating industry, Eco Chemical™ has seen most of what the world has to offer in the way of challenges to our products, our expertise, and our determination.

  • A true innovator in water-based commercial and factory-applied coatings
  • Proven performance in the most demanding application environments
  • A reputation as a true partner with our customers
  • Some of the longest-lasting customer relationships in the industry


The Best Coating Solution for Your Business
We understand that cost of goods and market pricing are real constraints for our clients. Eco Chemical is sensitive to costs while also being a solutions-oriented partner, committed to delivering the best possible overall outcome for our clients.

  • We strive for optimum process efficiency and the best-finished product
  • We provide ongoing technical and troubleshooting support
  • Our coatings come with the added value of safe use and easy cleanup
  • We’re committed to better profit margins for you and your customers


Why Only Waterborne Products?
We work strictly with waterborne coating formulas to achieve greater safety in the work environment for our own employees and for yours. Waterborne stains provide the following benefits:

  • Virtually no odor or irritating fumes
  • Environmentally-friendly and VOC-Compliant formula
  • Worker safety
  • Quick drying time
  • Easy cleanup with water


Stain Products
Our waterborne stains can be easily prepared and applied with several common commercial coating methods, from flow coating machines for high-speed production to direct spraying and dip tank methods.

We’ll package your stain in containers and dilutions that meet your unique manufacturing and volume needs. You can order varying dilutions from a ready-to-apply stain to an ultra-concentrated formulation for reduced shipping costs and final dilution at the factory.

Let us help you design a system that works for you. We’ll visit your plant, customize your paint or stain,and help design your coating line at no extra cost. Give us a call or email us, and let’s get started!