221 Fence Stain Concentrate Q&A – FenceTech 2021

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What products or services were you highlighting at FENCETECH/ METALfab 2021?
U-C Coatings, a manufacturer of wood protection products, is introducing an innovative new fence stain from its Eco Chemical division. Eco Chemical 221 is a new water-based alkyd stain concentrate designed specifically for wood fences. 221 Fence Stain Concentrate offers fencing professionals the equivalent of 15 gallons of high-quality stain solution in a 5-gallon package, available in four popular premixed colors.

What applications is your product/service best suited for – (residential, commercial, specific projects, etc.)
Eco Chemical 221 Fence Stain Concentrate will provide superior color and protection for any residential or commercial softwood fence installation, old or new, including cedar, SPF, and pressure-treated wood. Eco 221 provides the superior protection and beauty of a penetrating alkyd oil stain in an ultra-low VOC water-based formula. Eco 221 is formulated with high-quality oxide pigments for lasting color and highly effective biocides to resist mold and mildew, with a three-year performance guarantee. The stain working solution provides uniform color and coverage and can be easily applied using a brush or roller, garden pump sprayer, or airless sprayer.

How do these products/services benefit your clients in the fence/access control industry?
Eco Chemical’s 221 formulation provides fence contractors with exceptional advantages in performance, convenience, and economy. Rather than selling fence contractors extra water, this new product provides the concentrated ingredients of a high-quality waterborne alkyd stain that can be more conveniently stored and transported. Eco 221 Stain Concentrate is available in Cedar, Dark Brown, Redwood, and Light Brown semi-transparent colors that satisfy almost all market demand. And 221 provides a professional reduced. Eco 221 also offers a lower applied cost per square foot for con-tractors than traditional systems.

What were you trying to achieve with this product/ service offering?
This new product is an excellent strategic fit with our mission to provide high-quality protection, beautification, and preservation products and services to the wood products industry. Eco Chemical has been selling concentrated water-based fence stain products in bulk quantities for several years to commercial customers with excellent results. This was an opportunity to expand our product offering while bringing new benefits and expertise to more professionals serving the fencing market.

What inspired you to create this new offering?
Eco Chemical 221 Fence Stain Concentrate reflects U-C Coating’s 50 years of experience in developing innovative specialty coatings and sealants, combined with Eco Chemical’s 25 years of leadership in creating stains for wood products. Our current fence stain customers liked the convenience of easy preparation, application, and clean-up offered by our water-borne product but were asking us for a finish that was more like that achieved with solvent-based fence stains. We formulated 221 to build all the application, appearance, and performance characteristics of traditional oil stains in a water-based system.