The latest in fencing market: The demand for color just keeps growing!

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One of the bright spots in today’s fencing market seems to be all about pre-stained wood fence pickets or panels, and based on what we are seeing, things are just beginning to heat up. Pre-stained fencing presents consumers with a very attractive and highly affordable alternative to metal or plastic fencing and a profitable new niche for distributors and retailers.

Pre-stained pickets and panels offer builders and homeowners a more finished looking wood fence with less labor and expense. Given the opportunity to select equally from metal, plastic or wood, the majority of homeowners will likely choose wood for fencing. Besides the aesthetic preference for wood, there is the initial cost. If you add the opportunity of having the fence arrive pre-stained, the perceived value goes up.

There’s also the benefit of having the color of wood fencing blend better with the color of pressure treated fence posts and rails that have been factory stained. Pre-staining provides excellent results on both pressure treated and raw wood materials.

A good fence stain also offers protection from weather, resulting in a longer fence life. Better quality stains can deliver not just great initial looks but also lasting color durability and protection from rain and sun. Our stains provide a waterborne oil finish made with non-volatile plant-based oils to ensure a safe workplace and easy cleanup. Eco Chemical fence stains are easily applied with exceptional coverage consistency to form a penetrating, filmless finish that won’t rub or scratch off. We offer a low cost eco-centric manufacturing solution for providing a high-quality low-VOC oil finish.

Consumers are willing to pay more for quality. Pre-stained wood fencing meets the demand for quality with better initial appearance and durability, for greater perceived value and long-term consumer satisfaction. That means greater market penetration, more sales, and increased profit margins for you and your customers.