Why bother staining pressure treated wood?

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Customer interest and demand for pre-stained pressure treated lumber and fence boards seems to be growing across the country. We in the industry know that staining treated wood with a high-quality stain, either before or after treatment, gives it added surface protection. We suspect the recent growth in popularity though, has more to do with a combination of aesthetics and savings on labor.

Staining pressure treated wood acts as a sort of body armor. While the treatment chemicals work well to protect the wood from insects and rot, the stain works on the surface, providing enhanced water and stain resistance.

A quality stain, made with high-grade natural pigments will ensure lasting color for any pressure treated wood project. Instead of green or discolored looking wood, the pre-stained materials create an instantly appealing finished product. The contractor and homeowner benefit by enjoying an attractive fully finished deck or fence with substantially lower labor and material costs.

Eco Chemical has been the leader in providing high-quality, water-borne stains for over 25 years. Eco Stains are proven performers, applied in the harshest of manufacturing conditions, and are made with exceptional ingredients to give lumber a long-lasting color and finish.

For the manufacturer and customer, the benefits of staining pressure treated wood are easy to see (literally). Come to think of it, the better question might be why not stain pressure treated wood?