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As manufacturers in the pressure treated lumber industry, you understand better than anyone that customers expect good looks along with durability as a key measure of quality. When it comes to fence boards, why should they expect anything different?

As Eco Chemical™ CEO Mark Cheirrett explains, there is a distinct disconnect in the world of fences – “As you drive around and observe fences along the road, you will see pretty fence posts juxtaposed with graying wooden boards.”

Most fence posts and framing components are coated with a waterborne stain at the pressure treating facility. Yet, the fence boards are sold and applied without having previously been stained. As time passes, sun and weather degrade and discolor the fence boards, making the disparity more remarkable and the fence less and less attractive. Also, there are all kinds of spores in the air that propagate organisms on the wood surface and start degrading wood from the minute it’s cut.

Eco Chemical has been working with a number of fencing companies and sawmills to demonstrate the benefits of staining fence boards in-house, along with fence posts. As Mark describes, “A fence stained with our stains is protected with a coating made out of high quality iron oxides that will block harmful UV rays and protect the fence boards from degradation, which increases fence longevity as well as preserving the quality and appearance.”

What’s more, our stains can prevent mold or algae, and aid with water repellency. We believe the overall added value in durability and appearance more than justifies the slight additional cost, and makes a very compelling reason for customers to choose stained fence boards. And in terms of life expectancy, woods that are properly stained can expect to last 50% longer than woods that aren’t.

All of our stains are waterborne, making them easy to apply. They emit no fumes, are easy to clean up, and require little upkeep. At Eco Chemical, we will work directly with you to develop the color, performance features, and desired workability, understanding that all of our clients have different needs and work with a variety of application processes.

Just as a prospective customer wouldn’t purchase a new automobile expecting to paint it themselves, they shouldn’t have to expect to do so for fence boards. Contact us today to learn more about staining fence boards to give customers the “treatment” they deserve.