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Who: A well known Seattle-based supplier of pressure washing and steam cleaning equipment and materials, including parts, services, and chemicals to contractors, property managers, and homeowners in the Greater Puget Sound.

What: The client asked us to develop a product that would effectively protect and maintain the appearance of recently cleaned surfaces. They wanted to put their brand on the product and sell it exclusively through their retail outlet in Seattle. The client needed a low VOC, fast drying, non-flammable product that could be used on wood, masonry, roofing materials, and more. Instead of contacting some of their larger chemical suppliers, they chose to work with their Seattle neighbor, Eco Chemical, on the project.

How: Eco Chemical undertook and met the challenge, developing a water-based product that builds a soil resistant, protective coating to help protect the surface from mold and fungus. With the chemistry and testing finalized, Eco worked with the customer to name, brand, and develop suitable packaging and labeling.

The product was an immediate success with the client’s customers, and has been a steady top seller now for several years. Efforts are currently underway to expand the product line and update packaging and merchandising support.