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Eco Chemical™ is truly one-of-a-kind. And that’s how we view each of our customers, making innovation a keystone of our business.

In 1991, we began as a small team of chemists and paint professionals developing custom engineered stain solutions for clients who needed and valued greater attention and expertise to address their particular new market opportunities – particularly, custom stains and coatings for pressure treated wood products. As the benefits of staining pressure treated products at the plant became apparent to more industry suppliers, our client base and opportunities for innovation grew.

Today, 25 years later, we’ve remained a small group of dedicated chemists and professionals – now with a wider base of expertise and resources, serving a much broader market window with reliable, customized coatings solutions and technical service.

A Team of Creative Professionals

Johnte Meagher, one of Eco Chemical’s paints and stain chemists, loves his job because he’s not doing the same thing every day. “I enjoy solving complex problems through research and experimentation,” he says. He applies the scientific principles that he’s learned to accomplish design and product developments for our clients and the industry.

Creativity is key, as our team combines sound technological and chemical expertise with an open minded point of view in search of solutions for each new challenge our clients present us with. In 2016, new ideas, chemistry and technology have further empowered our search for improved stains and coatings. Throughout the 25-year journey, we have held steady to our commitment to provide high quality products that are also safe for the people using them and the environment as a whole.

Whatever your needs, or the size of your operations, we’re prepared to create a coatings solution to fit with your business development plans.

Check out our Case Studies to read about some of the ways we’re met our clients’ challenges, and get in touch with our team today to start the conversation.