A Large Scale Package Recycling Challenge

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Who: Wood product manufacturers.

What: Create a solution to reduce shipping costs and packaging waste for paints and stains used in manufacturing.

How: Eco Chemical™ tackled the problem first by manufacturing and shipping our stain and other coatings in a highly-concentrated state. This substantially reduced shipping costs and related fossil fuel consumption per gallon of working solution. Additionally, Eco Chemical™ worked with our clients over a period of several years to establish a recycling system for plastic tote packaging. Eco ships the majority of our waterborne coatings in 275-gallon plastic totes. At a 4:1 concentration, for example, this represents 1,375 useable gallons of stain.

Customers use the stain in their manufacturing process and ship the empty totes back to Eco, where they are cleaned and reused for future shipments. Each time a 275-gallon tote is recycled, a landfill is spared five 55-gallon drums. Over a year’s time, that eliminates hundreds of plastic or fiber drums from landfills throughout North America.