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For over 25 years, Eco Chemical™ has been serving the wood products and industrial coating industries with customized paint and stain solutions. There had been a persistent lack in the market for a durable fence stain that could be produced to accommodate a variety of color preferences. The color range had to be sufficient to allow distributors and their retail clients to “own” a particular color as part of their brand.

Eco Chemical tackled this opportunity this year with the introduction of our proprietary, oil-based, waterborne Fence Stain. This innovative new product provides the convenience, economy, and ecological benefits of a waterborne formula while delivering the benefits of a truly oil-based finish on the wood.

Remarkable Coverage, Vibrant Colors, and Unparalleled Durability
The Eco Chemical™team put our years of stain chemistry experience to work to develop this truly innovative product. Our new Fence Stain delivers excellent coverage consistency with a factory application system, as well as durability, moisture-resistance, and UV-protection for reliable color permanence. In fact, we guarantee color durability for 4 years.

Eco-Friendly and Economical – With All the Bang of an Oil Finish
Fence Stain delivers all of the benefits of an oil finish without compromising the company’s historical commitment to environmental stewardship, workplace safety, and affordability. Like all of our paints and stains, Fence Stain is waterborne, but it delivers a plant-based oil finish with the quality appearance of a traditional oil-based product, just without the solvents, high-VOC content, or high cost.

Eco Chemical™ Offers Much More Than Just A Wood Stain
When you do business with Eco Chemical™, you gain a true partner. Our team of experienced professionals and chemists stand behind our 4-year color guarantee and work hand-in-hand with each client to get their staining systems set up and scaled with their operations. This includes volume packaging options.

Get in touch with Eco Chemical™ today to learn more about how our new Fence Stain can help you take advantage of your market opportunities.