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Who: Allweather Wood is a large wood pressure treater with multiple facilities, including locations in Washougal, Washington and North Bend, Oregon.

What: The Washougal and North Bend facilities were each using their own specific color of stain to treat different species of wood. In an effort to simplify and add flexibility to their inventory management practices, Allweather Wood decided to explore the possibility of using the same color for both locations.

Eco Chemical™ presented the solution of blending the existing colors to derive a new color that would satisfy the specifications of customers for each location, while also retaining the working solution characteristics of the original colors for continued compatibility with both wood species.

How: Eco Chemical worked in the lab with physical samples of the two stain colors and wood species to progressively blend the colors until a shade was achieved that worked for both species. We achieved great color results in the lab, which led to testing the product in the field. Sufficient quantities of the new color were produced to test at each location, running the new formulation on both of Allweather Wood’s production stain lines and testing for coating efficiency and color.

Eco Chemical produced an attractive new color that satisfied both location’s market needs and could be efficiently and consistently applied. We leveraged our long-standing working relationship with a customer to meet a new challenge, enabling Allweather Wood to achieve greater inventory economy and efficiency without compromising product quality and performance.