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Staining pressure treated wood offers several advantages in addition to making a more attractive treated product. Staining with a high-quality stain creates a thin protective film for the surface of the wood, providing resistance to UV degradation of color and the wood surface, as well as protection from weather and surface soiling. Most importantly, staining produces a product for pressure treating businesses that can mean increased sales and/or profit margins.

What Constitutes a High-Quality Stain?

Pigment quality is a key variable for overall stain quality. High-quality stains made with 100% iron oxide pigments will not fade, chalk, or change color, and provide excellent UV protection for the lumber. Proper treatment and staining with a top-quality waterborne stain will allow vertical surfaces to retain their color, durability, and overall appearance for as long as 15 years.

Color is in High Demand

End-user customers across the country are increasingly requesting treated lumber that has been stained. Treaters who invest in staining for their treated products are also seeing growing demand for stained fence boards, rails, and decking, making staining an important value-add for all lines of their business.

Why Waterborne?

Waterborne stains are essential when working with treated wood, especially in view of recent advancements in waterborne stain technology. The staining process can be relatively uncomplicated and made to fit effectively and economically into virtually any wood treating process.

Offering stained treated wood products produced with a high quality waterborne stain helps you:


1. Increase profit margins with minimal risk

The staining step can fit easily into high-speed production lines, involving minimal extra time and labor and very little risk.

2. Secure additional sales

Adding pre-stained options to your product line-up creates the opportunity to sell to more accounts and more sales for them and for you.

3. Maintain a safe work environment

A non-flammable, low odor and VOC compliant material means you’re not at risk for fire or health hazards and can maintain a safe work environment for employees. It also avoids the risk of violating environmental regulations (our stains are even California compliant).

4. Reduce rack time

A waterborne stain dries quickly, which translates to less rack time. This means you save time and energy while helping you increase your production and output.

5. Simplify cleanup

Because waterborne stain can be cleaned up using only soap and water, you save yourself hours of work cleaning up equipment and work areas.

6. Improve customer satisfaction

Excellent color retention and overall appearance means your customers are assured of long lasting beauty for their wood products, with more satisfied end-user customers spending less time and money on touch-up and re-finishing.

 If you haven’t considered staining your pressure treated products, it may be time to give it some thought. Eco Chemical has been serving the treated wood manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, providing high quality waterborne stains in a variety of colors. Our stains are specifically formulated to be compatible with preservative chemicals, while delivering the critical benefits of beautiful, long-lasting color, UV resistance, low VOCs, durability, and easy cleanup.

 We can custom-engineer our coatings to work with your preferred wood species and manufacturing processes, including processing chemistry, machinery, skill levels, and scale of operation.

Give us a call today to find out more about our superior stains and our continuing research to make pressure treated wood staining even more efficient and profitable.